Join the Group

We are actively recruiting and hiring research group members at all levels! We strongly believe that diversity, inclusion, and equity are a prerequisite and catalyst for research and innovation in our group and in the UW-Madison community. To foster this diversity in earth science and higher education, women and students from underrepresented demographic groups are especially encouraged to apply. If you are interested in joining, please send an email to Prof Chris Zahasky ( with the information listed below.


Undergraduate students

The university strongly supports undergraduate research and thus there are many opportunities in the lab to do either paid research or research for credit. If you are a first or second year student or transfer student we may be able to set up an opportunity through the Undergraduate Research Scholars Program. Juniors or seniors at UW-Madison should check out the Hilldale Undergraduate Fellowship and the Holstrom Environmental Research Fellowship. The Department of Geoscience has additional funding opportunities through the Shell Undergraduate Research Fund. If you qualify for the Federal Work-Study we can also set up a flexible hourly position to perform research in the lab.

Send an email briefly describing your background and interests, how much time you would like to spend in the lab, and what you hope to get out of your research experience.

Examples of currently available projects:

  • Experimental hydrology system construction,
  • Multiscale sample characterization,
  • Design, generation, and characterization of 3D printed fractured cores


Graduate students

There are a range of project and funding options available to pursue a Masters or PhD in the hydrogeology program in the Department of Geoscience. In addition to research projects available on currently funded projects, there are many opportunities for us to work together to fund graduate research through additional internal (i.e. University) or external funding sources (e.g. NSF Graduate Research Fellowship). For more information check out the the geoscience departmental page on graduate funding opportunities. Please also be aware of minimum requirements for graduate admission to the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

If you are interested in joining the group please send a brief CV and description of your research interests.

Examples of potential projects:

  • Colloid transport in geologic porous media (applications to microplastic and nanoparticle pollution control),
  • Permeability field inversion method development with geostatistical and machine learning techniques (applications to improved hydrogeologic and reservoir models),
  • Physics of CO2 trapping mechanisms in porous media (applications to carbon capture and storage),
  • Bacteria transport and filtration quantification in the subsurface (applications to drinking water pollution and understanding the impacts of agricultural activities on water resources),
  • Solute transport and channelization characterization in fractured cores (applications to geothermal energy and unconventional reservoir development),
  • Non-Newtonian fluid flow in heterogeneous rocks and fractures (applications to geothermal energy and unconventional reservoir development).